Our Brands

As a premium clothing company catering to fashionable men, we carry brands that are at the forefront of fashion-first males. Some of these are:

Kenneth Cole// our aim is to bring Kenneth Cole’s connection closer to you. As a clothing company, Kenneth Cole has strived to understand what makes men power dress. They don’t just care about what you appear to the people who see you on the street; it is what’s within that they try to bring to the surface with clothes that characterize the power of the man inside.

Ted Baker, London// they pride themselves with their ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’ claim. Starting out in Glasgow, UK, Ted Baker entered the scene and quickly rose to the forefront as a premier contemporary clothing company for British men—they quickly became the favorite contemporary clothing company for men the world over. Everything—from the clothing to the marketing—is out of the ordinary with this company.

Gola// starting out as a humble brand to becoming globally known, Gola specializes in bags, plimsolls, and trainers for the active man. Born out of a small micro-entrepreneurial effort in England, the company rose to become the international seller it is now. From the 70’s to today, Gola has been at the forefront of making fashion history.