Travel Lite: Packing Light and Traveling Right

One of the biggest problems you encounter when you’re traveling is the weight of your baggage. It’s not that easy to pack everything you need when you only have a limited weight you’re allowed to carry. Packing light is the easy part—packing light and making sure that you have everything you need stowed away with you is another matter entirely.

In case you go ahead and forget to pack underwear for the trip, follow these tips make sure you have all the essentials packed away along with non-essential items.

Choose your Luggage

When you’re packing things for a long travel, the first thing you have to do is to find a luggage big enough to store your things in. There are different luggage types—some with wheels, some a big bag you sling over your shoulder, and some are a combination of backpack and luggage. When you have an idea of how big your space is it’s easier to start choosing clothes and items you think you need to bring along for the trip.

Segregate to Delegate

Once you know the space that you’re working with, you can start sorting through your home for things you’ll carry along. Just remember that you can compress clothing into your luggage. You can also use organizers that will compact items even more so it fits into your luggage. There are other containers that make it easier for you to keep your clothes packed. Any of these can be used—it’s just a matter of choosing the ones you really need.

Never Forget your Toiletry

There have been horror stories in airports where passengers left the most important bag—toiletries—behind and lost it. You should never lose this bag as it contains all your basic essentials—toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, soap, and deodorant/perfume. You wouldn’t want to spend the moment you touch down in that place hunting down a store to buy these essentials, now, would you?

Your Most Important Items Go into the Carry-On

Usually, airliners allow one bag—a tote or hand-carry, usually—to be the carry-on item you have in the cabin. As this is a bag that you can keep with you at all times, you should pack all your essentials and even the most important items on your person here. The typical items you should pack into a carry-on include your wallet and cards, gadgets, headphones, your cellphone and its charger, as well as other electronic devices and important belongings you can’t afford to lose.

Lock Down the Fort

Whether you’re leaving for the week or a month, you should secure all your belongings. Remember to lock down your home when you’re not around. Take care of everything that needs to be done—your out-of-office replies, the bills, and food in the refrigerator—as this will all be on hold when you leave. Taking care of these concerns before you leave ensures that your mind will be focused on the vacation and relaxation during that vacation.

Packing light and making sure your affairs are in place when you travel leaves you with peace of mind. This is important if your main goal for taking the vacation is to be relaxed and to refresh.