Travel in Style: Renting a Luxury Car when Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for a vacation can be an item on your bucket list. The problem is, you’re probably thinking about the cost of traveling and the problems you’ll be facing once you’re there. In truth, all it takes is a little preparation and accepting the fact that it’s not cheap. That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to lessen the blow on your wallet, though.

When you absolutely have to rent a vehicle from a reputable luxury car rental agency like when going abroad, you can do it for low prices. Consider these tips.

Insurance or No Insurance

If you already are covered by insurance from an earlier plan or your credit card has a similar plan in place, you don’t need the insurance they’ll offer you for the rental car. It’s a common mistake for travelers to panic and get insured even though they already have one. It doesn’t make sense; one insurance is already enough to cover you during the duration of your tip. Just remember to make a copy of your insurance policy and bring it along.

Get an International Permit

These permits, priced at $20 with a year’s worth of validity, allow you drive cars abroad. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider getting a permit. With the price and the length of validity, it isn’t too steep a requirement and the convenience of being able to drive abroad is too good to pass up. Automobile associations from different countries usually dispense these permits to their countrymen, so remember to check up on your local association.

Study the Road Rules

Countries have different laws they implement for driving. One country might have left-hand drive vehicles; other countries provide right-hand drive vehicles. These are pursuant to the rules and regulations they implement on the road. Before traveling to another country and renting a car there, study up on the rules and regulations concerning driving. It’s common courtesy, just like learning the language.

Consider the Cost

If you’ve already paid a big amount just to get to the country, it usually doesn’t make it okay to even consider getting a permit or rent a Mercedes in Dubai. You can still go and rent one; just remember to rent cars that won’t bankrupt you on your vacation. It is during these times that you should opt for the standard models rather than go big and rent a luxury model. Luxury models usually cost more and, if you want to still have enough to buy the plane ticket home, you’d avoid them.

Automatic or Manual?

Cars have two transmission types—automatic and manual. If you’re a driver who learned to drive stick shift, you can choose either of the two. Automatic transmission drivers, however, would do best to stick to the automatic models. Plan ahead and inform the rental agency you’re dealing with to prepare your chosen model before you arrive in the country. It saves you time and reserves a model of your car of choice for you.

Getting a car for use when traveling abroad can be tricky. With all the paperwork and the price calculations, it becomes easier to panic. Remember to keep a cool, level head when dealing to make sure you get the best out of the deal.