Travel Achieved: Great Destinations for the New Year

Technically, we’re already well into the New Year. January is over and February is on its way out. However, it’s still fairly early in the year to get your travel goals started. Have you ever had destinations on your own bucket list? If you have, here’s your chance to see whether you can finally cross them off or let them stay on for a bit longer.

There are a lot of destinations in the world. These, however, made the list for their budget-friendly nature, a factor for the choices everyone’s been making lately.

Montreal (Canada)
Factor:  Dollar exchange rate

Canada is a great place to visit not only because vast swathes of the country is still green. The dollar is at an all-time high compared to Canadian currency. If you can’t go to Europe, this is the next best place to visit if you want to get that Euro vibe. Our Northern neighbors showcased their long history through the ‘Cite Memoire’ street art exhibit in 2017, showing more of why Canada is one of the best travel destinations without the long flight.

Houston (Texas)
Factor:  Diversity

Houston is more than just NASA and its basketball team. Located in Texas, it is enjoyed for its food; three James Beard Award winners make their living here. It’s clearly a city of culture, made all the more visible with the blossoming art scene that the city has. It has also managed to brave Hurricane Harvey, a testament to the resiliency and resourcefulness of the city. Perhaps, if there was anything that the storm spawned, it’s the great deals that hotels in the city have started offering.

Factor: Summer destination

Why else wouldn’t you want to go to Thailand? It’s a popular destination for backpackers and DIY travelers. The islands are a sight to behold, and if you’re a beach bum, there are the huts and the tropical lifestyle as an added bonus. History buffs will also love the ancient temples here. Foodies galore will love to visit Nakhon Si Thammarat to experience the best exotic food that the country has to offer.

Factor: Culture, Nature

There are lots of reasons to visit the former Communist country. It’s been impressive how the country managed to pick up the pieces following the devastating war where the US lost. Western visitors will surely love to visit the former killing fields turned agricultural lands; war canals turned waterways; and the great river branches of the Mekong Delta, as well as the various cuisine showing the culture of the people.

Gaziantep (Turkey)
Factor: Culture

The Turkish city is a great, if not often visited, destination for the international crowd. There are a lot to take in from this city and it’s only a short hour’s ride from the Turkish capital of Istanbul. Gaziantep is actually a UNESCO Creative Gastronomy City, and if you’re a lover of pistachio, it’s been hailed as the best place for pistachios in Turkey. You’ll be getting a lot more than food if you visit the place, though.

As far as travel destinations go, you won’t get as good an experience with culture, history, and a learning of people’s lives than when you visit these places. Try and soak in as much of the culture of the world when you visit these cities!