Affordable Lifestyle: Buy Luxury Stuff without the Luxury Price

You may have seen luxury items such as tote bags with designer names and carry-all with luxury labels emblazoned all over them. Seeing them being used by celebrities or trend-setters alike could have influenced you enough to think about giving these brands a try. While luxury brands may cost you an arm and a leg, there’s actually a trick to getting them for half the price.

Being stylish doesn’t mean you’re going to empty all your savings just to get a chance at it. Here’s how you can go stylish on a budget.

Go to an Online Store that Sells Cheap

While luxury items cost an arm and a leg, chances are, they cost that much because they’re being sold in brick-and-mortar stores. The name of the store adds to the glitz and glamour that these items already have. If you’ll take a look at items being sold on online shops, you’ll find that these usually are cheaper. That’s the reason why most people would rather buy online than in an actual store, and you should too.

Look for Collections

In the name of selling more, brands often have different collections under their name. These are, namely, capsule collections—limited edition runs of the same brand soldover a limited time; bridge lines—line of the same clothing sold cheap through a low-end retailer; and lower cost brands—items made by the same clothing line but with less stringent processes, yet the same quality. Choose your pick from among the three.

Flash Sale Sites are Gold

The only other time when you can buy a high-end brand for a lesser price is when it’s on sale. Store sales take off a certain percentage off the price—still, the best sales are often found online. When an online site announces a ‘flash’ sale, this is usually a surprise sale that happens unannounced. It is here that brands often become slashed at half the price or more. If you want to buy at discounted prices, you should look out for these sales.

Off-Season Shopping

When you’re buying an item at full price, it sometimes means that they’re in style for that season. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t buy them off-season. Off-season doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going out of style; it just means that the weather or conditions outside aren’t usually typical for that type of clothing to be worn. Buy swimwear during winter for next summer; buy winter gear during summer for next winter. It’s one way of getting big savings on your budget.

Secondhand Clothing is Still Great

You’ll know that an article is made with quality when you can buy it secondhand. However, you should be careful; even top quality clothing can easily become worn and torn if its user doesn’t treat it the way it’s meant to be treated. Consider taking a look and reviewing the item online first if you’re buying it secondhand. Buying pre-loved clothing—another term for secondhand clothing—is the same as buying a secondhand car or gadget online. You should check the merchandise first before buying it.

You can be stylish and still have money in your pockets. You just have to be wise about using that money and buying at discounted prices. People will not be the wiser anyway whether you’ve bought it from a boutique or from some online store.