About Us

Union Jack, a clothing company, is based in Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas. At first look, you’d think that we are an English company operating out of the heart of the UK. While we certainly are English, we aren’t located in London. We’ve been based in Dallas, Texas, since 1971.

Our clothing selections are directed towards a pre-dominantly male crowd. You’ll find that our clothing line features different accessories such as jewelry, belts, watches and clothing like active wear, underwear, and swimwear. Whether you’re looking for casual everyday-wear or clothes that fit the man during times you need to impress, we’ve got it for you. You can check out brands that we carry through the Brands section. We cater to the most popular lines and brands.

For our loyal customers, we offer the Union Jack Card, a points program where you avail of a card that gets you great freebies and rewards for every product purchase. Members who avail of the card earn one point towards their rewards for every dollar spent on our products. About 500 points will give you a $50 credit you can use on any products worth $50.00 or more. You don’t pay anything if the product is worth $50—the same amount gets taken off your purchase if it costs more.

Here at Union Jack, our commitment is to dress you properly.